About BooArcade.com

“Boo” is derived from the French word “beau” meaning beautiful and has made it’s way into many languages and cultures over years. “Boo” is a term of endearment commonly used in many families for loved ones like baby, kids, boyfriend or girlfriend.  It can be found in modern literature, text and most recently in movies (Boo was the name of one of the most loved characters in the Disney movie,”Monsters Inc.”).

There are hundreds of online gaming websites, but how do you ensure that the young ones are seeing and playing age appropriate games? BooArcade.com was created to provide parents and care givers a safe, secure and fun online gaming destination. BooArcade is designed for kids in mind and cater to young gamers ages 3-12.  The games available on this website are hand picked by the staff at BooArcade.com who review each and every single game to validate that they are suitable for young audience. Each game is evaluated for content, language, actions, ease of play, educational, entertainment value and simply fun score.

Like a lot of aspects of raising kids, when it comes to video games, the healthiest approach is moderation and setting parameters around what they play and how much time is spent everyday playing games.  Researchers have found that playing games can actually be beneficial for kids of all ages and some games may even improve kids’ hand-eye coordination, learning, language, art and problem-solving skills. Some games don’t have such benefits, but provide fun entertainment.  Avoiding games that are violent as these types of games can increase kids’ aggressive behavior, similarly young kids should never be exposed to any games rated PG-13, R or M can contain heavy-duty violence, strong language, and sexual content.  Unfortunately, not all online games carry any rating and not all websites provide such ratings.

At BooArcade.com, our goal is to provide fun, free, safe online gaming experience for our young game enthusiasts and parents.

BooArcade.com Team